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Landscape Installer


 Landscape Installer

What does Living Earth Designs do?

As a growing landscape design build firm, our focus is on providing our clients with thoughtful, functional and beautiful spaces that are ecologically significant and well crafted. We bring a high level of energy and creativity to our design thinking and a sense of urgency to the installation of every project.  It is our mission that the outdoor environment we create for our clients responds to uniquely reflect who they are, their values and the lifestyle they live. Our approach is design for life, design for lifestyle. This equates to us placing a high value on our relationships with clients and how we can enhance their enjoyment of life through the landscapes we design and build for them. We have a passion for what we do, and want the designer/project manager to bring their passion to the role as well.

What does all of this mean? We aren’t a traditional company that mows yards, and prunes trees. We aren’t going to hand you a shovel and tell you to dig, we want to challenge you to learn, grow, and be interested in the projects you are doing and the people you are doing them for. We help our clients establish a vision for their yard, create a custom design and then our team works to build and install the design bringing a concept to reality with a “get it done and done well” attitude.

Landscape Installer Role:

A landscape installer, working with the landscape foreman, project manager, and fabrication crew, will be responsible for maintaining a steady pace work environment. They will act as a brand ambassador for Living Earth Designs and exemplify the quality and attention to detail that define the Living Earth Designs brand. Additionally, they will meet and exceed client expectations through creatively approaching any problems that arise and communicating these issues to the landscape foreman and project manager.

Primary responsibilities include: following direction of landscape foreman and project manager, maintaining a safe work environment, keeping task, and maintaining a clean and tidy work site. Landscape installation duties can and will include the following. Moving landscaping materials (either by hand or with equipment), digging, planting, irrigation and trenching, preparation and installation of hardscapes (pavers, flagstone), edging, and various other related tasks (we do cool stuff so things can get interesting).

Typical profile of a Landscape Installer:

●      Independent Self-starter and problem solver

●      Sense of urgency and initiative

●      Basic reasoning and time management abilities to coordinate effective and efficient completion of tasks

●      Personable brand ambassador

●      Will hold themselves accountable, dependable

●      Good work ethic, won’t cut corners to get the job done

●      Dedicated to learning new skills and self-growth and improvement

●      Team collaborator



●      Full time

●      Entry Level

●      Salary/Benefits/Flexible PTO

●      Must be able to lift 80-100lbs

●      Must be able to work at reasonable pace in the heat

●      1-3 years landscape installation experience

●      Willingness to learn

●      Reliable transportation

●      Bilingual communication a plus