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Project 5

Kinney - Beikmann House - Denver, CO

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Designed to put a modern twist on classic Mid-century residential landscape design this project succeeds in creating distinctive spaces that engage the user with unique experiences. We created three spaces: a front yard with curb appeal and modern lines, a courtyard space with a deck, fire pit and water feature, and a back yard party spot complete with a Mid-century inspired pool and hot tub. A space for every occasion.


Client Testimonial:

Dustin was proactive in reaching out to me as he knew my passion for Mid-Century Modern Design and he wanted to help on one of my projects. After we met we felt comfortable enough to let him have shot at our new primary residence which is set to be a flagship for the MCM neighborhood. We had a lot of materials already selected and a pretty good idea of what the front and courtyard should look like, but the back we were completely lost. Dustin took our ideas, asked for a few more pictures of where our inspirations came from, and he went to work. A week or so later he came back to our home with one of the most stunning drawings I have ever seen. He kept everything we had already wanted, and then added in his thoughts, ideas, and design. As well as created the plan for a backyard oasis that we knew we wanted, but couldn't quite visualize. He asked what needed changed-and without hesitation we told him- it was perfect

In addition to a design that was exactly what we wanted, he built the deck in the courtyard. Dustin, again, did work that was absolutely impeccable and we are still in awe of the detail that he put into every part of the deck. In addition, any little hiccup that he found- he came to me to present it, but always had a solution to solve it. It made the whole process extremely smooth and seamless.

From making you a design from scratch, to expanding on your ideas and bringing them to life, Dustin and Living Earth Designs is . His passion, knowledge, and dedication are unmatched.                                                                      

                                                                                                       - Adrian Kinney

 Freshly stained redwood deck looking good!

Freshly stained redwood deck looking good!

 Buddy working hard on stain.

Buddy working hard on stain.