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Project 9

Sunburst Farms - Connifer, CO


Design for bounty...

Sunburst farms, situated along the meeting place of two mountain streams is on it’s way to evolving into a highly productive, mountain agro-ecosystem. Although there are challenges with over-grazing, stream channel incising, and damage to the forest ecosystem these challenges become solutions in other ways. These disturbances create opportunities to put into place new more productive and higher yielding strategies that will result in greater biodiversity, erosion resistance, greater soil fertility, and a more lush and verdant habitat for human and animal (domestic and wild) alike. As the property develops over time it will become an example to others on how to respect the functionality of the mountain ecosystem while simultaneously making it more productive for its keepers.


Client Testimonial:

After deciding to put down roots in Colorado, we realized we were sitting on a potentially sustainable and fruitful property. We purchased a couple books on permaculture, determined to do this ourselves. Quickly overwhelmed by the task at hand, we contacted Living Earth Designs. We honestly don't know what we would have done without Dustin. We NEEDED his knowledge and expertise to move forward with our project. He drew up a beautiful, easy to follow design for the entire property, including a phase plan. He is passionate about what he does, and makes himself accessible to his clients for questions and property walk-throughs. Highly recommend hiring Living Earth Designs!

                                                                                  - Kat Reynolds