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Project Manager

What does Living Earth Designs do?

As a growing landscape design build firm, our focus is on providing our clients with thoughtful, functional and beautiful spaces that are ecologically significant and well crafted. We bring a high level of energy and creativity to our design thinking and a sense of urgency to the installation of every project.  It is our mission that the outdoor environment we create for our clients responds to uniquely reflect who they are, their values and the lifestyle they live. Our approach is design for life, design for lifestyle. This equates to us placing a high value on our relationships with clients and how we can enhance their enjoyment of life through the landscapes we design and build for them. We have a passion for what we do, and want the designer/project manager to bring their passion to the role as well.

What does all of this mean? We aren’t a traditional company that mows yards, and prunes trees. We aren’t going to hand you a shovel and tell you to dig, we want to challenge you to learn, grow, and be interested in the projects you are doing and the people you are doing them for. We help our clients establish a vision for their yard, create a custom design and then our team works to build and install the design bringing a concept to reality with a “get it done and done well” attitude.


 Project Manager Role:

A project manager will have days that vary in tasks that are project dependent. Working with the design and build teams, this individual will communicate clearly and effectively with crew members, sub-contractors, vendors and clients throughout the installation process. Additionally, they will meet and exceed client expectations through diligent and timely execution of the plans.

 Primary responsibilities include: executing projects with scale drawings that may include plans, renderings, sections, elevations, specifications and details and/or additional drawings as client needs and fee allow. Performing site analysis that includes as-built measurements, general site assessment including but not limited to soil conditions, plants, hardscapes, lighting, utilities, view-scapes and architectural styling. Designers should expect to do design research with topics such as appropriate plantings, detailing, guidelines and codes. Keep and maintain records including everything from correspondence to reports as specified by the employee handbook. Managing resources, timeline, scope and customer expectations as well as coordinating with Principle and Operations Manager to review projects and budgets.

 This role will also center around supervision and coordination with the construction foreman and sub-contractors along with their crews on project budget, schedules, manpower, materials, equipment. Manage change requests, determine impact, and negotiate changes to project scope. Work with clients, Principle, Installation Crews and Sub-contractors to resolve job challenges that may arise. Communicates with Principal regarding field production rates. Coordinates with Principle, Install Crew, and Sub-contractors on extra work and change order proposals to modify budgets and schedules. Monitor construction progress and manage labor daily. Know and understand when change orders are necessary. Ability to analyze job progress at any time during construction.


Typical profile Project Manager:

●      Independent Self-starter and problem solver

●      Sense of urgency and initiative

●      Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, time management, and organizational skills

●      Basic reasoning and time management abilities to coordinate effective and efficient completion of tasks

●      Very good presentation and negotiating skills

●      Exceptional visual, written, and verbal communication skills, as well as exemplary interpersonal skills

●      Personable brand ambassador

●      Will hold themselves accountable, dependable

●      Good work ethic, won’t cut corners to get the job done

●      Dedicated to learning new skills and self-growth and improvement

●      Team collaborator

●      A strong leader, open to and able to provide constructive feedback and direction

●      Demonstrated history of meeting multiple deadlines

●      Flexible



●      Full time

●      Salary/Benefits/Flexible PTO/Bonus Program

●      5-10 years of landscape installation or landscape project management experience

●      Experience in construction, welding

●      Experience in AutoCad a plus

●      Bilingual communication a plus


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